About Consumer Echo

Consumer Echo is the first project that has been approached by SnS Media, LLC. A young media company based in beautiful La Jolla, California. Consumer Echo is an online community founded on the idea that everything should be visibly accessible in a full 360 degree field of view. That includes parks, businesses, universities, disaster zones, etc. We beleive that showing the beauty, uniqueness, and personality of businesses in 360 is the best way to connect with consumers. Likewise, consumers get better visibility of the businesses they want to connect with.

Have you ever planned a special night for that special someone, only to find that the restaurant you are trying for the first time is not exactly what you thought it was? Not the right mood, not the right atmosphere, or maybe just not the right menu? Well sometimes it can be hard to decipher what information you find online while making a purchasing decision. If "seeing is believing" then we'd like to make true believers out of online consumers and give them a window directly into the places and bsuinesses we're most curious to see. As we grow we'll provide users the ability to not only view these Eye-Sites, but to also interact with them so that their echoes become your guide to spending your money and your time more wisely.

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S & S Media, LLC


Sam Lease
- CEO -
Indiana University

e - sam@consumerecho.org
p - 317.332.6486


Seth Hopkins
- CTO -
Bloomsburg University - CIS

e - seth@consumerecho.org
p - 858.699.4545